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Educators & Schools

Since 2003, I have been featured at many schools in Cape Town. I am at home with both children and adults and offer storytelling programmes and work-shops. Being an experienced educator, I am adept at weaving the arts into the curriculum while fulfilling teaching standards.

Myths and Legends
African or multi-cultural tales...
passed down from one generation to another

"Tales from Around the World"
Explore far away lands with stories from around the world

"African Tales"
Journey across Africa with folktales that demonstrate the African Spirit

"Tales from the East"
Experience the culture of exotic lands such as Japan, China and India

"Scared Silly" (Foundation Phase)
Scary tales with thrills and shivers in just the right measure

Tales of Mystery and Intrigue (Senior Prim Phase)
Tales that will make you question the natural world and make your hair stand on end!

"Animal Tales"
Delightful, warm, humorous animal tales that children will find gratifying

"Ocean Tales"
Enchanting stories to lead the listener on a wondrous journey of the imagination

"Twilight Tales"
Put on your PJ’s, grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy stories in the evening

"The Very Mean King"


Background Information

Why storytelling in schools?  Think about:

Skills Development Workshops:

  • Bringing the Magic of Storytelling to Life (adult)
  • The Gift of Stories (adult)
  • Getting Children to tell their own Stories (adult)
  • Improving Your Storytelling (adult)


    I can tailor make your programme to fulfill your curriculum needs...adapted to suit any age!


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