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Celebrating God - Open to Wonder (adult)
- "A bird…a bee…the sky…the sea. All these speak of God to me"
An opportunity to deepen your faith, rest, replenish your soul and celebrate a relationship with a loving creator God.

Birthday Parties for children (4 - 12yrs)
Fun, interactive storytelling adapted to suit any age…45minutes…ideal for in-between  games and blowing out the candles…sleepovers, campfires…

Celebrating Creativity (16 - adult)

Monthly art/playshops - Through the power of story, picture and paint, Gilly and Cynthia (artist, O.T and friend) encourage you to tap into your natural spontaneity and energy, learn to use your imagination, increase your awareness and embrace your unique abilities. No prior experience needed!

Background Information

Gilly Southwood and Cynthia Hutchinson


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